When woman is pregnant it enters its power in it

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The family in which the person likes to take birth starts hovering around, waiting for the opportunity. When a womb is established in  womb of a woman, it enters its power in it. And nine months remain in the womb and appear in the world. Many philosophers believe that it is rooted in  womb and is fully in  body when  child comes out of the stomach. It is our opinion that if the conjunction of the semen of semen is formed by converging into  womb, then moment creature takes control of it and starts living in  womb.

It is not correct to understand that  child is suffering in a womb. Because at that time  brain and  senses of womb do not completely stop  organism due to being undeveloped and some of the organisms have no special bond. He keeps nest in the abdomen but can travel around with his consciousness. Shortly before birth, when the senses of the womb become completely mature then the freedom of the organism is destroyed. Then he tries to get out immediately, at this time it is called the delivery period.


Sometimes, many creatures are interested in getting birth in a family. They have to come in sequence. Even if she is unable to conceive, even if she is not able to conceive, even if she has a desire to get born in  womb of such a person, then she has to find a workable solution. In one place, one has to like the other; sometimes the creature is waiting for a long time in the desire to be born in the family, but if the proper opportunity does not come and the period of life is over, then he will be born very soon. It has to be tried as if the stool of some time has accumulated in the stomach, the time of their exit should come and if there is a lot of stress, then man can be found anywhere in a proper or improper place.

The body of the womb and its components are not created solely by  desire of  organism.  work of sharing is the work of the parents and the desire of the creatures. All of them get a new body. If there is any defect of both potter and soil, then the desired fruit will not be attained. The mother of the parents is the soil of semen and creatures potter. The clumsy potter makes a bad spot from the good soil and the effort of the good potter is useless due to bad soil.

If the creature is a good person, then Raja has a great effect on the physical values of semen, and some do some correction, on the contrary, the harmful creature also brings some flaws in the good season semen. Even then the parents do not lose their sensual form, they have a huge effect. The effect of the parents’ feelings on the pregnancy body, if the organism is not of high grade, then it has to remain in the area of those physical rituals. It has been seen that  children produced by fornication are often wicked because, at  time of conception, the soul of the parent remains very busy due to sin, that same rites descend on the womb.

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