Unwavering evidence about previous birth memory

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Life is eternal, we have lived for countless years and will continue to live for many years. Confused man is convinced that the day the child is born in the mother’s stomach or from the womb, life starts at the same time, and when the heart turns out to be lifeless, then death becomes dead. It is a very small incomplete and ignorant belief. Modern physics is said to be saying that there is no independent power of the organism, the body is the organism, we have no existence after the body’s death, but poor physics itself is still in childhood.

So far about three dozen principles have been rendered in relation to the speed of electricity. Every theory contradicts the vote before itself. Of course, he used to run the power, but in reality, it was not exactly known how he walks. Basics of changing new ideas can be welcomed in the material world but if it gets priority in the spiritual subject then it will really be our biggest misfortune. A scientist says that the body is the organism. The second death gives a complete challenge to the amazing feats and turns off the faces of opponents by proving their side.

The third scientist possesses such unwavering evidence in which the smallest ignorance has identified the places of his ancestors and relatives in such a way that there is no scope for any doubt about rebirth. The child starts drinking milk when he is born if he had not had previous memory, then without learning how he would learn all this, many children have seen such wonderful qualities in the lowest state that reveal that this knowledge is not only of this birth but also of previous birth.


Life and body are not an object. Just as we keep changing clothes as time goes by, the organism also has to change the body. Not a cloth can be worn throughout life, so can not one body remain till eternal life. Hence, it needs to be changed frequently. By nature, the cloth is separated only when it is chronic, but sometimes it has to be changed in a few days due to burning, tearing, rubbing, or for other reasons. The body is usually destroyed when it is chronic in old age, but if there is any contingency due in the middle, then it is necessary to sacrifice the body even in short life. How is death? In this regard, the philosopher Yogis think that man has great discomfort, anguish, and sobbing sometime before the death because the life of all the pulse is pulled up and collected in one place, but due to the old practice, it then slips into those nerves.

It is a cause of pain, which causes a type of stroke. Due to disease, trauma or other cause of death, it also causes pain. Before the death, the animal gets harassed even if it does not manifest it or by the tongue. But when the time of death is passed, then one type of faint comes and that unconsciousness prays out of the body. When a person dies, all his outer powers are gathered and become intimate, and then come out of the gross body.


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