Trap of sin make people evil

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To run a weapon for him, separate his groin from the wounds you will not get any relief. Therefore, except for a few special states (which will be described in  rebirth chapter) often all sins are endured in the world and the soul becomes pure. Hell is not  only advantage that sin should get impaired, but it is also  purpose that for further Bad habits can be missed and remember the result of the scenario. The thieves of the thieves are dry while stealing, the feet of the miscreants begin to tremble, the fumes of the killers begin to run, it is a fine remembrance of the punishments received in previous lives. But,  people forget that inner voice completely and then get trapped in  fiendish trap of that sin.

It has been told elsewhere that there is no relation to the distance of the world. ‘X’ rays are formed by rubbing solid materials but we find it hard to break the curtain of the wall, but for this ‘rays’ the curtain is equal to nothing. The effect of heat and cold goes into breaking lots of external restrictions in very fragments. Similarly, there is nothing hindrance due to macro objects for subtle elements. The sea of air is full all over the earth, but wherever we go, we rubbing it, we do not even know that we are running in  middle of  air like fish in the water. It is possible that the fish also revolve in water as if we roam in the ocean of air. Dead souls are made up of subtle elements, so they can come anywhere like an ethereal element. Heaven is not made somewhere else that is rife everywhere. Whether its inhabitants are voluntary, they can live either in the middle of the ground or in the middle of the mountain, the planets, the planets, etc. and can produce all  facilities for their living.


It should know that with  deceased creature, his thoughts, beliefs, and experiences also go away. Functions of living in homes, wearing clothes, eating, etc, live humans have to make life, so their beliefs are strengthened. This thing is beyond the ideas of a common man, that no man is without home, clothes, and food. As it is, beliefs of the subtle body and the senses arise, on the basis of faith, on the basis of faith, the person, home, clothing, diet, The arrangement goes away.

They understand that we live in homes, wear clothes and eat food. All these substances are their emotional form. If a supreme ascetic monk is eating unfermented fruits and candles in the uninterrupted forest, then its status will be the same. Ghost ghosts stop at some special places, but animals running according to normal order do not bind to the location. They live in one place but wherever the place can be.


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