The wandering nature of soul

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When life is separated from  physical body, it blossomed in  astral body; this subtle body is made of a fine-grained body.  deceased feels a great surprise how my body has become so light, it can fly like birds in the air. And only where can come from  desire. After leaving  physical body, he keeps hiking around his dead body. Seeing  cries of  loved ones weeping around in  dead body, he wants to say something to them or wants to return back to  old body, but that action is not there.

A ghost has said that ‘I fell into a very big situation after death. Due to  temptation in  gross body and  loved ones, I wanted to come in contact with him but he was helpless. I used to see everyone, but no one could see me. I used to listen to everyone’s voice but nobody used to listen to the loudest loud that I used to say. There was some trouble with all these things. There was some happiness about my new body that I was so light and how fast I could fly around. In the living state, I used to scare my life, there was nothing to be feared about me.

Due to  eruption in  astral body, there was no special kindness from the old body, because the new body was better than everybody else in future, I used to experience my existence as it was in  living conditions. Many times I rolled my hands on my feet and looked at my limbs but I did not feel like I was dead. Then I understood that there is nothing to fear in death; That is a slight pleasure and auspicious action of body change. ‘


As long as the funeral procession of the dead body is done, the organism keeps roaming around it again and again. At  same time, he gets frustrated at  same time and returns the mind to the other side, but when he gives boldness, he delights in that sweet thing and he walks around for a long time. In the fasting of more ignorance and illusion, more determinedly deceased often spend many days in cremation grounds. The body’s tenderness pulls again and again and due to its inability to handle it, it turns around itself. There are many people who love more than loved ones than the body. They try to live near dear ones instead of darlings.


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