The power of blessings and good wishes

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Curse and boon of any stunning souls become an independent power, and they also benefit from harm like living humans. Blessings, blessings, good wishes, even if we do not see the idol, but they can live like Gods and can get great help in visual or invisible by holding the arm from pleasures. Many people leave the spotlessly even when they fall into the well, or other such lives escape from the deadly plight. It may be that some blessings are showing the invisible grace upon us at that time. In this way, the bad thoughts of others can also introduce the real or formlessness of their existence just like ghosts.


Thus the ghosts of various castes are present in the world, in the same way, many conscious powers exist in the invisible people too. It does not bump us from reason, our mental disorder calls these ghosts towards us. Due to fear, confusion, doubtful spirituality, an abundance of maladies, all these causes give the opportunity to the ghosts, if your soul is not weak, the soul is not fearful and fearful due to sins, then this poor ghost will not harm your anything Will does not do it.

In the first part of the period of living in paradise, rebirth is the second heaven; the third part is spent in the preparation of rebirth. Having suffered paradise heaven, the organism gets special encouragement for the upcoming birth. Ordinary sins of those who suffer from hell are often destroyed, but habits remain the remainder. These habits are called in the spiritual language by the name of rituals.

These habits do not leave unless the creatures make a real effort to identify them wisely and rescue them. Due to bondage, this is a sacrament. The creature is free, he creates rites and desires in his own way. This magic is nothing but a synonym of ignorance. It is a strange thing to be unhappy by engaging ourselves in the bondage of ignorance itself. This gorilla has been called by the name of Insurmountable magic.

Even after enjoying the fruits of auspicious karmas, the pre-rites of them do not disappear. Just as a gambler wishes to gamble even after the wealth is lost, the drunken man is also suffering from alcoholism due to many difficulties, in the same way, due to previous habits the organism seeks a place for reincarnation. These middle-class individuals are often attracted to the environment of a situation like prenatal.


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