The physical power of humans

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Sometimes the physical power of humans themselves becomes an independent statue. By nature, you can enter the house as you know the situation of the residents, because the human beings of those who live there roam in that environment and your mental eye easily recognizes that what is filled here If there are some fierce acts in places, the same environment remains in place till the time. Agni scandal is the murder of the embryo, such times are such misdeeds that cause the brick and stone of that place to remain silent.

The sadness of the persecuted creature becomes reality and in the awakened or dream state, the people scare the people. Many houses are considered to be scattered. Those who live there appear to be ghosts. Such places are often found in many places of heart, hatred, hatred, anger, sadness or compassion because the real ghosts prefer to live in distant and secluded places.


Small-scale ghosts can only cause mental trauma, scare or ill, it’s just a matter of theirs. Due to weak power, they can neither reveal their appearance nor do any harm to anybody. Yes, small children can be hit by their trauma. Due to the abundance of evils, it can do evil with others, not good. Moderate ghosts, which are more strong and taut, can manifest themselves in a different form. You can take things away from here and take it, you can fulfill your desires by having a human body, and make you mad or sick.

The high-class heroic monsters, bellies, ancestors, etc. can also do some help, they can remove the horror of small ghosts, tell the incidents of present and past tense. Many ask too much about the future, but these things sometimes prove to be wrong. The blessing of the curse is not just about the ghosts, because it does not have any spiritual force needed for it.


The power of putting one independent creature in one particle of the human body is full. If it has ever come out with special morale and then the place remains dry, then due to the obstruction of the seed, the seeds are growing and getting stronger. In the ruins of thousands of years, no ghosts are found in the ruins, they may have been born many souls till now, and these particles of their past lives remain as yet alive as a picture of those emotions. But this happens only in empty houses because they do not have any hindrance to increasing the ancient particles, which are the dwelling centers of human beings, their heat removes or destroys those ancient statues.


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