The ghosts live in secluded places

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If there are ghosts, but there are very few numbers. Because the ghost vagina is unnaturally vaginal. It does not meet according to the schedule, due to the mental deliberation of the deceased. The ghost sometimes gives a little bit of its introduction, otherwise, they have hidden their pains in any secluded places far away from society. Due to being in a neurotic condition, they prefer to stay away from the noise. The desire to reveal your identity is due to someone else’s special situation.


What is so much talk about the ghost that is heard? In such cases, the ghosts of delusion alone remain separate. There is an old saying that ‘Doubts witch, Mansa ghost’, which is scared that the ghost is behind me, the pitcher also becomes a ghost. In the mind, the ghosts were imagined that rat lot in the stomach. In the evening, I heard the story of ghosts that in the night the manna got on the chest. Once in two humans, there was a condition that at 12 o’clock in the night, if there is a nail in the dew, then fifty rupees Meet The man slept in the night at night.

The night was dark, in a hurry, he felt the nail, including the corner of his tunic, when he got up, he became convinced that the ghost has caught me. He screamed with a scream and fell unconscious and died there. Similarly, many times his illusion only keeps on a myth the ghosts. Such ghosts do not get rid of without being careful of mind. In the uneducated castes, ignorance and illiteracy have been done that they get more of the ghosts of delusion, but they often do not get a place in the well-educated families.


When the dead souls appear, they show the form of the body, then they pull out the bodybuilding from those people who they appear. The spirits get this power that they can pull the gross atoms. When they want to be seen, they pull their material into the front and make their own form. At such a time, a medical examination has been observed that the body of the person becomes light, temperature and scholarly flow decreases, digestion and blood flow decrease. The people who have learned the secret of fulfilling the damage, their point is second, it is not good for ordinary people to see ghosts again and again. This results in physical shocks that lead to dangerous situations.

It is a great grace hidden in the divine that it has created a barrier to the fear of meeting the dead and the living beings, if it were not, the dead person would also be sitting in houses like birds, mice, ants or cats. With this, the further development of the dead and living creatures would stop and the devotees kept stuck in the bonds where they were locked.

The desire of the world is that the worldly life is not bound in the passions of false relationships and continues to follow the duty of continuous progress in adhering to its duty. Only after stepping on the back land can move forward. We should not move forward downwards. Ghosts feet are inverted. This proverb implies that he is returning back and forth in an attachment to the ancient relation rather than establishing a new relationship.

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