People who commit virtue get a second birth

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Some creatures tend to tend badly in any particular evil habits, they abuse any senses repeatedly. Every time they have to suffer hell, they are so compelled by habit that they forget to run away and forget it and then follow the same habit. Those senses of such organisms are taken away for some births. Like the central province minister Well denied for five years from Congress membership. Or, like the gunman’s misuse of the government, the government seizes licenses. Similarly, invisible power considers it necessary that its senses should be seized, so that the habit should be discontinued in the next life.

Birth, dumb, deaf, blind, impotent, impotent are those who have used their senses to use their senses in an improper way. Even then, this part is not vaginal, and the soul is awake even of them, and if they want, they are free to go from darkness to light. Some humans are so wicked that misuse of their own senses throughout life is misused, they have to go into the root vagina. Being born in a tree plantation is a vaginal disorder.

The organism lives in them, but most of the verb consciousness is seized. Being born in these pleasures is a sign of grace for the Lord because it is difficult for the ignorant to forget those evil rituals without any root vagina. In the vagina of the tree, the creature has to stay in it until it forgets the old bad habits, now the order of progress begins from here. After the insects, the insects then pass the vaginal grafts of the animal slowly, then the more knowledgeable vagina is adopted. We do not tell Darwin’s opinion that he is false, according to which he says that a growing insect growing from insects becomes a human being carrying a vaginal animal.

Hinduism considers the number of these vagaries to be four hundred million. Physicists tell their numbers even more. Whatever is it, it is certain that those practicing evil deeds, who repeatedly use their senses in an inappropriate manner, are born in the rooted vagina, and then progressing from there, thousands of bodies have to change in achieving the human body. If the progression in any vagina is stopped, then the vagina has to be taken more than once, as if the student has to study for the second year even after the failure.


The punishment of going into genital organs is often given to those creatures who are very wicked and make their activity fall apart. People who commit ordinary virtue to sin also get a second birth, because the knowledge that they have made through the journey of millions of vagina, is not so negligible that a thing can be thrown again in the same round to wander for millions of years. Humans are often given the opportunity to pay their ultimate aim to the ultimate position.


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