People believe ghost means invisible person

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By saying ghost ghosts, there is an awareness of such invisible men, whose gross body is dead. People have a rough idea that after death the man becomes a ghost. This is not applicable to the dead, many people attain salvation, some go to heaven, some sleep in the sweet sleep of relaxation. There are very few creatures that have to become ghosts. In the Aryan texts, the word ghost has been associated with the condemned meaning. It is considered as guilt. Because of the intensity of the three lusts, the creature breaks the natural series of the journey and goes backward rather than proceeding. After resting in the astral folk, they return to the previous birth instead of taking the new birth while enjoying the fruits of the deeds done.

Due to excessive temptation from a previous life or a loved one, or if someone is jealous of hatred, when the soul leaves the place, the internal flutter inspires to move forward, but he does not listen to anyone and that’s where he stops lives. He is very restless due to the fatigue of life and the burden of actions. The desires of anger, hatred, the benefits of anatomy, all of them do not give any less pain. In addition to being in more contact with the physical people, due to his senses, the greater part of obesity also comes, hence the part also wants the substance. All these odd conditions together make the phantom very restless. He is hit by rage, suffering, tears, and drowsiness.


Such incidents happen in our ears that in such a place the ghost is intimidated, ill, a stone throws or causes a nuisance. The news of the loss of the ghosts is heard much more than help. It seems that ghosts have a more mental disorder. Due to obstruction in the sensory lust or infatuation chain, they get this misfortune. Those who enjoy delicious food tastes and addiction habits, nostalgia, aptitude, especially those who have allowed the senses to become enslaved to these bad habits in the living condition, they are also forced into the same desires after death.

Look at any other person suffering from them, then through their medium, they gather their habitat on them to fulfill their desires. It is said that the desires of the ghosts are of the very lower class, so they roam especially in the brothels, picnics or other such places. This ghost secretly deposits its body on the body of those who belong to these places. Although those humans do not recognize them, they only experience it. As long as they go to desolate places, their lust is excited externally.


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