Mind work properly by adopting meditation

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Dr. David, brain sciences, states that ‘mental stress also relaxes brain activation’. According to them, the more effort is made to concentration, mental stress is to increase in the same ratio and its effect falls on the memory cells or stress in the state of fear, block all  creative processes of  brain.


distinctive power of remembrance power is not a divine boon or innate good luck. It is a common strength like other physical abilities, which can be effortlessly enhanced. If there is a knowledge of the method of remembering and keeping in mind the composition of the recollection system, the system of law should be remembered accordingly, then there will be no complaint of oblivion, as it usually does. If anything is heard or read with due caution and interest, it will not only understand well but will continue to remain on the memorial screen for a long time. Even after going into the trash of forgetfulness, it can be heard again by stimulating the muscles of the muscles by ‘accumulating’ them and acting as a tap record.


According to the scientists, if the man remains aware, if he is careful and cautious in enlightenment, then by the age of 75, in his mind, usually 50 trillions of information, information figures, etc. are inscribed on the memory plate. Most of these time goes into hiding in any corner of  brain, but they are never destroyed. Whenever there is a requirement or if the mind does not have to understand the mind, then the mind emerges on the screen.

Any forgetting effort can be reproduced. The noted brain warden, Dr. Wilder, has detected a band in  cartilage region of  brain that is  basis of memory. They touched  electrode in that place and succeeded in raising  old memories, events, and things that were there in  face of  mind. According to him, everything is not remembered all the time. They can be raised with special effort and can be re-aware with the same clarity of how old things can be seen.


The brain scientists believe that  power of  power is  electric current that is moving in the dialogue vessel nerves. Not only does the marking of memories and the Renaissance but the brain structure remains  main role of this current in making it capable of doing its work properly. As the blood circulation in the nerves, the current of the current in the nervous system continues to flow.

By adopting concept of meditation, this flow can not only be kept active, but it can prevent the disruption of cerebral life electricity and such stimuli can be generated in that mechanism in which intermediate collaboration of nerves becomes intense and lack of memory. Do not be. For this, those of  meditation practices that are suitable for them should be selected. All those who increase the concentration tend to increase the morale and ability to remember.

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