Gender equality between men and women

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The gender gap between men and women remains. It is also dependent on the beliefs, that men who behave in a woman’s spirit, or who give heart to the male sentiment, sometimes they change gender after staying in the state of the impotent. And the next birth is according to the changed sentiment. This is an exception. Generally, there is no interest in an organism to make a gender change. Body disqualifications are removed in the world. The incompleteness of the infants, incomplete brains, limb breaks are removed, and they often get the young condition. Because these disabilities are not of the mind but of the body, not even the birth of the body, but also in a body, for some time. Therefore, these physical disabilities do not have much effect on the mind.


In the world, any creature can meet any other creature on desire. Only if they desire, they can see other parasites and it is possible to change their mindset. This union meets two consciousness. The exchange of ideas can only be done by the body nobody sees anyone because the subtle body of the worldly people is not really worth seeing. Every creature of home, clothing, and food is imagined, it is also difficult for others to see. Paradise knows the second sense of Hell’s happiness, but it does not see that it is lying in the hell or in glory.

There is a kind of sharpness in the bodies of the departed souls, which gives them an introduction to happiness, but it is difficult to know that they are in heaven or in Sur, because they all have their own independent fantasies, nothing. The dead can hear from each other but it is difficult for them to share the same with sadness. Some souls like to be with their former acquaintances, the dead, and they become a community. Such communities are only in the public below while meditating on their contact with the creatures attracted in the high birthplace births and births, these illusions understand the meaninglessness of bonds and make a concerted effort of self-esteem while away from the fascination. Souls do not live in an enclosure or under any other rule, their souls are ruled by their spirits.


Only those who make the religious rite or make a memorial receive the virtue of their reward. This donation is not of special help to the exterminator, because there is only some hand in doing this generous work? It is certain that the exchange of virtuous fruits not be changed. The one who does what dies. Even then, heavens, when they see that my former relatives are displaying expressions of gratitude and kindness towards me, then they are satisfied, and if they talk of their bus and have the opportunity, then they will change that kind of fame with an invisible kind Pays.

Do whatever you can to help your loved ones. The relatives of the relatives are grieved by the crying or mourning of the relatives, and their peace prevails. Therefore, it is appropriate that the attachment with the deceased will be broken soon and only the high expectation of peace be sought.


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