Creature is free, he can make own decision

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Suppose a person is a farmer in this life, he has been accumulating the cultivation of farming all his life, and now he will prefer a farmer rather than a shopkeeper in the next life. It should not be assumed that any other force gives birth to live, the creature gets born from his own self with the desire to be satiated. Like a vulture flying upwards, it explores the dead animal with a sharp vision, in the same way, the creature walks in search of his interesting environment in the sky.

It has been told before that the physical intelligence that argues, debates and elections does not remain in paradise, so that does not know the tricks and does not pull towards the higher or lower position in contrast to its nature. The little boy likes his shack rather than the palace, in the same way, the person of business sentiments likes to join the business family rather than being born in the house. More than half of human beings are often born in their former home or family if they have not been humiliated, traumatized or excommunicated in the former house then they want to be born in or around him.

This is also the case with the distance. Prefer to stay in the state of previous birth, because the deep impression of language, character, and emotion is reflected in their mind. A person from Italy would not like to be born in India or Turkey in India. If there is a particular reason then the matter is second.

For our gross senses, it is difficult to identify which places are in such a mental state and internal environment, but the paradise livers recognize it very easily. They sit camping around the same family where they see the right conditions. Paradise is remembered for the past many births even if they have more affection in the old homes then they are drawn towards them. When a lot of time comes to the difference in their attitude towards those families, they sometimes get pulled up.

Birth of an idiot in a scholarly total or the birth of a Mahatma in devil total, reveals two reasons- (1) Or it has changed after a few generations and the rites of the organism are present only (2) or That creature has collapsed in another structure and only because of personal affection it has been pulled in that total. We have repeatedly repealed that the creature is free, he can easily make changes in the sacraments from his conduct. When there is a born child in a family, then it should be understood that it has either changed or it has been found in a mismatch because of the ancient fascination.


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