Arrangement of getting the fruits of karma

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When manifested in  form of a frozen sin-ray of light in  soul, there is so much power that forces of subtle body have to face it. birds move in the face of the snake by dragging the eye of the snake. It is possible that in our mind, at that time we feel that we are being caught by an independent creature. When attracted to the fruits of karma power to be attracted to the fruits, the subtle body thinks that a Messenger is holding me and being dragged.

The shape of these death angels also differs in shape. Hindus come in  shape of imposed for Hindus; Hindus come in  form of monsters.  angels of  Muslims keep beards and probably have hatched Turkish cap. This messenger talks also in Hindi, Arabic English or in that language, so that he speaks in previous life. Their figures are also different because of different beliefs. One person is interested in big teeth, the second will be in the big eyes, one will have the big teeth, the other’s big-eyed, this may be called the messenger who can be called ‘the fast of sacraments’.

The subtle body also appears to punish against his will. consequence of misdeeds is misery. Pain to  astral body; to give pain, pain, conscience makes an independent hell. In them there are arrangements for vultures, crows, scavengers, crossing the styling, standing in front of the hanging, getting beaten, or burning in the part or only to humiliate, to be humiliated by the true falsehood. It is above the different mental state. The purpose of this hellish mechanism is that the creatures experience pain. Seeing them together with sinful deeds and their fruits, they understand that this is  result of it.


measurement of how much and how much quantity should be given in the amount of measurement is that from whom it has made its corrections. The judge gives small sentences for small crimes and big for big crimes.  reason is that  manipulation of  small criminals is not considered to be much indulged in sin, so it is improvised and quickly punished, but in the harsh man of those who commit serious crimes, they need more labor and time to uproot the habits.

In this sense, torture of hell is limited. The layers of evil deeds come down one by one and are destroyed by showing their influence. In the subtle body there are also senses and mind, therefore physical punishment for mental sins and mental pains gets mental pain. Like eating more, it hurts itself in the stomach, the intake of chilies is cremated automatically, but according to the arrangement of getting the fruits of sin karmas, the soul automatically takes it, it does not require any other.

Those who manifest sin, they get the result only in the living state. But those who do not suffer, they have to suffer in the world. The Lord has arranged such a system that life should suffer most of its past before it is born and be holy for next life, so that  next life is free from  consequences of these sins.  commander puts his injured soldiers in the hospital as long as his wounds do not get injured because if the injured is sent back to war, then  army will not be able to fulfill  purpose of the husband.


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